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Article 1: Title, Composition and Registered Office


  1. The title of this organization is the “Traditional International Taekwon-Do Federation”; the abbreviation of the title is Traditional ITF. 

  2. The legal registered office for the Traditional ITF is 15818 101A Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada V4N2G1.

Article 2: Official Languages


  1. All meetings will be conducted in English. Translations will be provided when needed.

  2. The rules and regulations, minutes, reports and other communication will be in English. 

  3. All documents will be written in both English and Korean.


Article 3: Objectives 

The Traditional ITF was established as a not for profit business. As a business all holdings remain the property of the business owner. The business records are the exclusive property of the business and will remain private. The Traditional ITF will aim to achieve the following:


  1. To promote and encourage the physical, moral and cultural education of its member. To create international respect and goodwill. To help build a better and more peaceful world. 

  2. To enhance the authority and value of Taekwon-Do (“TKD”) by developing and standardizing techniques and theory, including competition rules for all amateur athletes throughout the world. 

  3. To establish training centres and courses to qualify “Black Belts” to be certified as “National and International Instructors, Umpires and Examiners”. 

  4. To conduct, manage, arrange and approve championships, tournaments and demonstrations for the world or continent. 

  5. To assist, recognize and encourage the affiliated organizations and to furnish services and guidance to every individual, group or body for their interest.

  6. To assist General Choi Hong Hi's dream of unifying all Taekwon-Do under one umbrella without politics and with prices everyone can afford.

Article 4: Means  

1. The objectives (Article 3) of the Traditional ITF shall be obtained by idealistic and material means. 

2. The required material means shall be raised by membership and certification fees to include accreditation material and events as deemed by the executive. 

Article 5: Membership


​All students and instructors must register as members. Colour belts need to be part of a registered school and that school should be part of the recognized National Governing Body (NGB). If these do not exist in your country you may apply to establish one through the headquarters.


Article 6: Application for Membership  

  1. An application is to be submitted in writing to the Secretary General or President for review and acceptance. 

  2. The organization or individual will be advised by the Secretary General or President of admission to the Traditional ITF. 

  3. The Traditional ITF may recognize individuals or schools from other organizations on the following basis

    • The organization or individual must submit an application to the headquarters. If it is an individual, the application must be accompanied by all certificates issued from the organization the individual belongs to or is leaving. The organization must submit an application with the names of all individuals from the school with copies of certificates for each black belt student seeking recognition.

    • Upon receipt of a completed application, the headquarters will process for admission, determination of length of probation, if any; and any restrictions on membership. 


Article 7: Termination of Membership  

  1. The headquarters may expel a member, if such member has violated the statuses or the interests of the Traditional ITF. 

  2. The headquarters may also expel a Member because of other violations of the membership obligations. 

  3. Termination of Membership will be by written notice from the Traditional ITF.


Article 8: Rights and Obligations of Members  

  1. In accordance with the statutes, the members are entitled to participate in all events of the Traditional ITF and to make use of its facilities.

  2. Members are entitled to hang an official flag of the Traditional ITF at their location.

  3. All members should wear the ITF uniform (dobok) or traditional white dobok with the ITF patch is displayed on the left chest over the heart.

Article 9: Obligations of Registered Schools (Dojang)


  1. Registered schools are required to to complete the following:

    1. Register all their black belt members​

    2. Celebrate Taekwon-Do's birthday (April 11, 1955)

    3. Celebrate Taekwon-Do's founder, General Choi Hong Hi birthday (November 9, 1918)

    4. Support Traditional ITF events when possible.

  2. All registered NGB should host a national championship and Dan examination annually. 

  3. Everyone must renew their membership by July 1st of each year. 

Article 10: International Competitions 

  1. World Championships will be held every two (2) years, continental championships every two (2) years, the amateur practitioners will therefore meet in fair and equal conditions. The venue for the competition will be decided by the headquarters. 

  2. Any other International Championships will have to be approved by the Traditional ITF with the application being accompanied by the requirements of the Traditional ITF. 

  3. Affiliated Members are not allowed to participate in international championships or competitions of any kind which are organized by non-affiliated organizations, unless approved by the TITF, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld. 

  4. Rules for organization of International Championships will be released by the Traditional ITF by way of regulations. Umpires and judges have to be appointed by the Traditional ITF for every championship and must hold valid certification approved by the Traditional ITF. 

  5. The Technical Director governs over every world championship. 

Article 11: Promotions 

  1. You must be a current active member to receive or award ranks.

  2. Only certified instructors may promote and request certification.

  3. Only the Headquarters can produce black belt certificates.

  4. Schools may produce School Black Belt recognition certificates as long as the International Black Belt certificate is ordered from the World Headquarters.​

  5. To be registered as an instructor you must complete an instructor course performed by a certified member of the Traditional ITF.

  6. In order to award ranks you must hold a current instructor license.

  7. Assistant Instructors can be awarded by any instructor to a student 5th Gup to 1st Gup.

    1. Assistant Instructors may conduct classes, however are not permitted to issue any ranks.​

  8. National Instructors hold a rank between 1st and 3rd Degree Black Belt.​

    1. National Instructors may issue ranks from 9th to 1st Gup within their nation only.​

    2. Permission may be granted in writing from the headquarters to allow for 3rd Degree Black Belts to issue 1st Degree nationally.

  9. International Instructors hold the rank of 4th to 6th Degree Black Belt.​

    1. International Instructors at 4th Degree may issue up to 2nd Degree Black Belt internationally.​

    2. International Instructors at 5th and 6th Dan may issue up to 3rd Degree Black internationally.

  10. Master Instructors hold the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt.​

    1. Masters may issue ranks up to 5th Degree Black Belt.​

    2. Masters may conduct International Instructor Courses (IIC).

  11. Senior Masters hold the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt.​

    1. Senior Masters may issue ranks up to 6th Degree Black Belt.​

    2. Senior Masters may conduct International Instructor Courses (IIC).

  12. Grand Masters hold the rank of 9th Degree Black Belt.​

    1. Grand Masters may issue ranks up to 7th Degree Black Belt Master.​

    2. Grand Masters may conduct International Instructor Courses (IIC) and International Master Courses (IMC)

    3. Grand Master may recommend members for the rank of 8th and 9th Degree Black Belt.

  13. The Secretary General is appointed by this federation's president.​

    1. The Secretary General may issue ranks up to 8th Degree Black Belt.​

    2. The Secretary General may appoint Committee Members.

    3. The Secretary General may recommend members for 9th Degree Grand Master.

  14. The President may award all ranks and all committee positions.

Article 12: Certification Fees

The goal of the Traditional ITF is to provide guidance and support to all countries regardless of their financial means. Our mandate is to leave no one behind. Many people over the years had to pass up on personal promotions due to their financial situation. Our aim is to prevent this. This is the current fee structure as of January 1, 2021.



These fees are paid directly to the Traditional ITF Headquarters via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Money Gram.

  1. Black Belt Membership: $25/first year, $20/renewal

  2. School Charter $50 (Includes Head instructor and 10 student memberships)

  3. Instructor Certificate $25/year

  4. Assistant Instructor $15/year

  5. 1ST DAN TO 3RD DAN: $50

  6. 4TH DAN TO 6TH DAN: $100

  7. 7TH DAN: $200

  8. 8TH DAN: $400

  9. 9TH DAN: $400

  10. 10TH DAN: (HONORARY)

  11. INSTRUCTOR LICENSE: $25/year

  12. HOSTING AN IIC: $200


    1. LEVEL "C" $25/year

    2. LEVEL "B" 25/year

    3. LEVEL "A" $25/year


Article 13: International Instructor Course/Certification (IIC) & (IMC)

  1. Must complete an International Instructor’s Course taught by a Master Instructor.

  2. International Master’s Course (IMC) must be governed by a registered Grand Master or President.

  3. This course shall advance the participant’s time line for examination by 6 months.

  4. Only certified Instructors may examine students for rank and request certification from the International Headquarters. 


Article 14: Creation of Certificates

Only the World Headquarters may create certificates with the federations name and logo. All black belt (Dan) certificates must come from the World Headquarters. Where prohibit by law. In this rare case a school or regional organization may be permitted to issue Dan Recognition certificates. Any member found creating their own black belt certificates, or acquiring their black belt certificates from another source that does not fit into this special category shall be dismissed from this federation immediately. 

Article 15: Registration Process 

Section 1 - Student Membership: $10/Year Membership


  1. Any person worldwide in any Taekwon-Do system may apply for membership.

  2. Applicant supplies a copy of their most recent rank certificate to the President for evaluation.

  3. Applicant completes the application form.

  4. Applicant pays the required fees for the rank they are applying.

  5. In the event the application is denied the fees are refunded.

  6. Renewal of your membership is due July 1st of each year.

  7. Once accepted the documents will be produced and sent out within 15 business days.

  8. Anyone wishing to transfer from another martial arts system to the Traditional ITF may  request a special Dan recognition degree. This degree is only issued once in a martial artists career and may not go higher than 7th Degree Master Instructor.

  9. The fee for this special degree is the same as the rank plus a $50 administration fee.


Section 2 - Chartered Schools $150 Annual 

  1. Any person worldwide that holds a rank of 1st Degree Black Belt and above  may apply for certified national organization membership. Applicant must complete the personal application process at the same time as the school registration.

  2. Applicant completes the application form.

  3. Applicant pays the required fees.

  4. This fee is prorated beginning August 1st of each year. Therefore every 30 days the rate is reduced based on the annual amount.

  5. In the event the application is denied the fees are refunded.

  6. Once accepted the documents will be produced and sent out within 4 business days. 


Article 16: Time Frame for Promotions & Limitations 

  1. Time Frame for Promotions (4-6 Hours/Week):

    1. 1st to 2nd Dan: 1.5 Years 

    2. 2nd to 3rd Dan: 2 Years 

    3. 3rd to 4th Dan: 3 Years 

    4. 4th to 5th Dan: 4 Years 

    5. 5th to 6th Dan: 5 Years 

    6. 6th to 7th Dan: 6 Years 

    7. 7th to 8th Dan: Determined by Secretary General or President 

    8. 8th to 9th Dan: Determined by Secretary General or President 

  2. Restrictions: 

    1. Children 17 year and under shall hold a junior Black Belt rank.

    2. This rank will be displayed as a solid black belt with a single white stripe through the middle of the belt.

    3. The cost for Junior Black belt ranks is the same as adult ranks.

    4. At the age of 18 years the junior black belt can apply as an adult black belt on their next exam.

    5. Junior black belts ranks are still qualified Dan ranks and hold the same status.


Article 17: Inclusion not Exclusion

This federation shall not discriminate against any person for their gender, religion, race or beliefs. Taekwon-Do's founder believed in inclusion, not exclusion. Our members need to be morally good and decent people. Our members need to follow the tenets of Taekwon-Do and the Student Oath.


Article 18: Referee Certification

A referee course can be conducted by a Regional technical Director. This course would outline the duties of all referee and time keeper, and administrative positions for competition. Only someone who has completed a Certified Referee Course may judge at national and international events. Referee status is broken down into Level A, B, and C. 

  1. Level A: A member holding a rank of at least 6th Degree Black Belt and higher that has completed a certified referee course.

    1. May Referee any position at a National Championship.

    2. May Referee any position at an International Championship.

    3. May Referee any position at a World Championship. 

  2. Level B: A member holding a rank of at least 4th Degree Black Belt and higher that has completed a certified referee course.

    1. May Referee any position at a National Championship.

    2. May Referee any position at an International Championship

    3. May corner referee at a World Championship. 

  3. Level C: A member holding a rank of at least 2nd Degree Black Belt and higher that has completed a certified referee course.

    1. May Referee any position at a Local Championship.

    2. May corner referee at a National Championship. 


Article 19: Tournament Rules

Rules for competition shall be outlines in an additional document named “Official Tournament Rules and Regulations”. 

Article 20: Chain of Command

The Traditional ITF has a very strict chain of command. All members agree to follow this chain of command when they join the federations. If you have any questions please forward them to the President. 

  1. Dojonim (Founder)

  2. President

  3. Secretary General

  4. School Owners

  5. Members

Article 21: Official Tul (Patterns)

The Traditional ITF allows its members to practice and examine with the ITF Tul (patterns). With the ITF Tul the school owner can choose to use the sine wave motion if they wish or exclude it. As school owners you are permitted to set your own belt requirements. To achieve a higher rank you will need to complete requires as prescribed by your examiner. All school owners are permitted to submit a video for consideration of grade through the headquarters. The cost of this video examination is $50. 

ITF Tul:

White Belt: Saju Makgi – Four direction block, Saju Jirugi – Four direction punch

Yellow Stripe – Chon-Ji

Yellow Belt – Dan-Gun

Green Stripe – Do-San

Green Belt – Won-Hyo

Blue Stripe – Yul-Gok

Blue Belt– Joong-Gun

Red Stripe – Toi-Gye

Red Belt – Hwa-Rang

Black Stripe – Choong-Moo

1st Dan – Kwang-Gae

1st Dan – Po Eun

1st Dan – Gae-Baek

2nd Dan – Eui-Am

2nd Dan – Choong-Jang

2nd Dan – Juche

2nd Dan - Ko Dang (Replaced by Juche)

3rd Dan – Sam-Il

3rd Dan – Yoo-Sin

3rd Dan – Choi-Yong

4th Dan – Yong-Gae

4th Dan – Ul-Ji

4th Dan – Moon-Moo

5th Dan – So-San

5th Dan – Se-Jong

6th Dan – Tong-Il

Article 22: Refund Policy

Once documents are created there will be no refunds. We try to keep the costs very low, to make everything affordable. If you are worried about items being damaged or lost in transit you may request insurance for your shipment. Sanctioned events will have their own refund policy that will apply. 

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